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Sunday, Oct 29th, 10:30am

Explore UCSD's rich campus through precise navigation in this fun orienteering challenge that spans both urban and forest with something for everyone.

Location: Library Walk Lawn West, central campus

Date: Sunday, October 29th, 2023

Partner Organization: UCSD Orienteering Club

Event Team:

Event Directors: Sarah Naughten & Kai Douglas
Course Setter: Kai Douglas & Chris Day
Event Advisor: Chris Day

Sportident Timing: Tad Gallistel
Setup: Alyssa Ayan, PLHS NJROTC members
Starts: Tian Liang, Aleksey Sabunin

Snacks: Need volunteer (free entry!)
Clinician: Need volunteer (free entry!)
Control Pickup: Morgan Ayan, PLHS NJROTC members
Cleanup: Ashley Young

Format: Motala

Map: A 10k:1, 5m contour orienteering map conforming to ISSprOM (Sprint) 2007 standards. Map updates made in 2023 by Chris Day. 

Courses: Beginner (~2.5 km), Intermediate (~5 km), and Advanced (~7.5 km)

Starts: Individual starts will be available from 10:30am to 11:30am at 2 minute intervals. 

Time Limits: Time limit on all courses is 2 hours. All competitors must complete the course or download (if if incomplete) by 1:30pm. 

Scoring: Electronic punching will be offered. All participants must bring, rent, or purchase one. 

Epunches: Rental electronic punches will be available for $5. Alternatively, you can purchase your own Sportident epunch by selecting your a "package" on the first registration screen and your entry is free!

Clinics:  Introductory clinics will be offered at 10:00 am and 10:45 am


Registration: All participants must pre-register. All standard SDO fees and registration policies apply.

Closes: Registration will close at 10pm on Friday, October 27th.

Entry Limit: This event is limited to 100 participants.

Current Registrations: Here


Directions: The start will be on Library Walk West which is across from the Price Center. 

Parking: If driving, we recommend people park in the Hopkins parking structure nearby. There is visitor parking on the top floor of the structure. It is free for the first hour and $2/hr after. To get from Hopkins Parking Structure to event headquarters, walk south on Hopkins lane. Go past the roundabout onto the footpath. This path leads down to the front of the library and Library Walk. 

Transit: Please consider taking the MTS Trolley, which connects campus with most of San Diego. From the Trolley, take the path around the Northeast side of Epstein Family Amphitheater, then walk west on Lyman lane till you get to library walk. An extensive network of bike paths connect UCSD with La Jolla and downtown.

UCSD Parking.JPG
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SDO is 100% volunteer driven. Please help ensure frequent events by volunteering at this event! 

  • All volunteers will receive a coupon usable for free entry at this (or another) local event.

  • Most volunteer roles allow you to participate in the day's competition and require no advanced knowledge of the sport.  

  • Please check out details on each volunteer role to find the right one for you.


Thank you for volunteering. The Event Director will be in touch shortly to confirm and coordinate.

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