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Every SDO event requires a team of dedicated volunteers. These roles include: 

Event Director (ED): Responsible with the overall success of the event, including recruiting and coordinating volunteers. Other responsibilities include: 

  • Applying for permits, where necessary

  • Working with CS to select event format and publish competition details

  • Coordinate event day logistics

Despite its centrality, this roles doesn't require advanced orienteering expertise!

Course Setter (CS): Responsible for the development of all event courses, including any necessary map updates, utilizing specialized orienteering software. They will publish course details and "course notes" in the weeks before the event. The CS must arrange for the procurement of controls and stands and their placement before the beginning of the event, often with the help of additional volunteers. Ideally, they will also coordinate "vetter" and/or "prerunner" to visit the control locations to verify their accuracy in the days/hours before the event. 

Starts: For individual timed races, it is ideal to have two volunteers to help setup the start area and process competitors at their assigned start times (if assigned). This role is suitable for beginners, especially if partnered with a more experienced navigator who can answer last minute questions that may arise. 

Clinician: An experienced and patient orienteer who can walk beginners through a quick, casual workshop on the basics of the sport before sending them on their first course. 

Other critical roles, including registration, "epunch" management, and web/email marketing are coordinated centrally and standardized for all events. 

For our larger events, including the annual Anza-Borrego Desert Orienteering Festival, additional volunteer roles are available, including: 

  • Event setup and takedown

  • Snack-Master: Keep people fed, hydrated and happy

  • Parking helpers

  • Social coordinators

Importantly, all volunteers receive registration credit that will allow them to participate in the event at no charge (or a reduced rate for Anza-Borrego). 

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