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San Dieguito

Saturday, December 9th

Navigate the festive trails of San Dieguito County Park this December, and find your way to holiday readiness!

Location: San Dieguito County Park

Date: Saturday, Dec 9th, 2023

Event Team:

Event Director: Chelsea McBride
Course Setter: Elena & Sergei Vinnichenko

Sportident Timing: Tad Gallistel
Setup: Eva Wheeler-Sagiao
Starts: Steve & Susan Tischler
Snacks: Christine Ho, Kevin Tsoi
Clinician: Ron Sandvick
Control Pickup: Becky Mintz
Cleanup: James Finn

Format: Motala

Map: A 5k:1, 6m contour orienteering map. Last updated in 2019. 

Courses: Beginner (2.1 km), Intermediate (4.3 km), and Advanced (6.4 km)

Starts: Individual starts will be available from 10:00am to 11:00am

Time Limits: Time limit on all courses is 2 hours. All competitors must complete the course or download (if if incomplete) by 1:00pm. 

Scoring: Electronic punching will be offered. All participants must bring, rent, or purchase one. 

Epunches: Rental electronic punches will be available for $5. We are now offering Sportident epunches for sale as part of your registration. Select the Rental option and then pick your preferred epunch model. The prices reflect a $25 discount off MSRP to offset race entry and rental fees.   

Clinics:  Introductory clinics will be offered at 9:45am and 10:15am


Registration: All participants must pre-register. All standard SDO fees and registration policies apply.

Closes: Registration will close at 10pm on Thursday, Dec 7th

Entry Limit: This event is limited to 100 participants.

Current Registrations: Here


HQ Coordinates32.9995979501141, -117.23307438136324

Directions: Take the Loma Santa Fe exit off the 5. Go 2 miles west to El Camino Real. Take a left, then head down the hill for 0.6 mile. Take a left into the park. Find parking, then walk to Picnic Area #8.  

Transit: The closest public transport is the Blue Line to UCSD and/or the 101 Coastal bus through Solana Beach

Parking: Parking is available within the park for $3 or for free on streets surrounding the park. 

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