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Sprint San Diego

May 25-27th, 2024

5 new maps, 3 weekend days, 1 winner!

Saturday, 10am

Mesa College

A classic campus sprint

vacation island.jpg

Saturday, 2pm

Vacation Isle

A park chase sprint on an idyllic ocean island

Saturday, 4pm

A casual, no-host gathering at a local brewery. Outside food allowed. 

Sunday, 10am

Waterfront Park

An urban sprint along San Diego's iconic waterfront.


Sunday, 2pm

Balboa Park

A park chase sprint through an historic landmark

Sunday, 4pm

A casual, no-host gathering at a local brewery. Outside food allowed. 

Monday, 10am

San Diego Presidio

A  longer park race to determine the final winner!



Course: All races will feature a single course for all competitors. 

Distance: Sat and Sun races will be 2-3km in length with a winning time under 20 min. Monday's final competition will be 4-5km with a winning time under 30 min. 

Map Scale: All maps will have a 1:3000 or 1:4000 scale

Contours: All maps will feature 2.5m contour lines

Starts: Sat and Sun morning events will feature 30 second start intervals, first come first served. Afternoon events will have a chasing start based on that morning's result, with the fastest runners leaving first. Monday's event will feature a mass start at 10am. 

Distance: 2.5km (typical) to 3.9km (Monday final)
Time Limits: Time limit on all courses is 1 hour, except for Monday which is 90 minutes. 

Categories: There will be no age or gender categories. Age and gender will be published with final results so that you can create your own. 

Clinics:  An introductory clinic will be offered at 9:45am Saturday at Mesa College.


Overall Scoring: The winners of Chase races (Vacation Isle, Balboa) and the Presidio final will each receive 20 points. 2nd place will receive 19, and so on. The weekend's champion will have the most points out of the 60 possible. 

Results: Real time results will be provided at the event. 

Sportident: Electronic punching will be offered. All participants must bring, rent, or purchase one. All controls will be in beacon mode, allowing use of a SIAC AIR+ punch if desired. 

Epunches: Rental electronic punches will be available for $5. 


Cost: $100 for adults, $50 for juniors (under 21)

Deadline: Registration will close at 10pm on Tuesday, May 21st.

Entry Limit: This event is limited to 75 participants due to park rules. There are no exceptions or waitlists. 

Refunds & Transfers: All standard SDO registration policies apply. 

Competitors: A list of registered competitors can be found here


Public Transport: The Waterfront and Balboa maps are a short walk from downtown. Presidio is near to the Old Town Transit Center (a quick light rail ride from downtown). Vacation Isle and Mesa College are both a 4-5 mile bike ride from downtown or accessible via bus (#9, #44) from the Old Town Transit Center. 

Parking: Free parking is available near to the start location on all maps. As Sunday morning's Waterfront race is in the heart of downtown, we recommend leaving extra time. Free parking is available in front of the County Administration building, we paid parking will be much easier.  

Lodging: We recommend staying in the Gaslamp district near downtown for the full San Diego experience. Those on a budget or looking to minimize travels times should consider hotels in or near Mission Valley. 

Event Team:

Event Director: Mark Prior
Mapper & Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom (BAOC)

Course Vetter: Clare Durand (LAOC)

Sportident: Stan Watson
Volunteer Coordinator: Chelsea McBride


What exactly is a "Chase" race? It's a race in which the fastest runner leaves first, with subsequent leaving based on their morning results. For example, if Jane won the morning race with Joe 22 second behind, she would leave at 10:00:00am with Joe leaving at 10:00:22am and so on. The first person to finish is the day's winner. Non-competitive runners will be started shortly after faster runners, on a 30 second interval. 


Can beginners participate? Absolutely. While this is a competitive event with many advanced runners, urban sprint courses are great places for beginners to learn the basics in a fun, friendly environment. 


Can I register for just one event? To maximize the competitive dynamic, participants must register for all events

together as a package. You don't have to participate in all races, but your overall results will be affected. 

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SDO is 100% volunteer driven. Please help ensure frequent events by volunteering at this event! 

  • Most volunteer roles allow you to participate in the day's competition and require no advanced knowledge of the sport.  

  • Please check out details on each volunteer role to find the right one for you.

  • A $20 SDO event credit will be offered for each at which you volunteer. This can be used for this event, but will require a few days to coordinate so please plan ahead

  • Spots are limited. Submission doesn't guarantee a volunteer role. 

  • Volunteer roles are not available after registration closes.   


Thanks for submitting!

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