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Winsplits is software designed to enable analysis and comparison of orienteering performance. It uses control visitation data enabled by the Sportident electronic punching system we use at all SDO events.  

Why use WinSplits

Orienteering is individual sport. Usually you run along and see only few people on the course.  But still you can compare your results with other competitors and see where your won or lose.

WinSpilts use data from your Sport Ident fingerstick uploaded by event hosts. For every leg you can see total + leg time + your place for this leg and how total place is changing over the time. Almost like you are running head to head.

Here is how it works based on data from SDO event in Anza Borrego desert 


Select your category or course:







Now you can see all competitors in this category listed by total time:


For every leg (control-to-control)  you can see performance details: 





Extra Credit: LiveLox

You can get even more information by uploading GPS track recorded by your watch or cell phone. LiveLox service allows you to display your actual track on event map and compare with other competitors. 




To upload your track 

  1. Register at LiveLox 

  2. Find your event on LiveLox   

  3. Download GPX file from your watch or cell phone app

  4. Upload your track


Here are few example of LiveLox maps for SDO events (LiveLox maps created by Sergey Briyukov)

Mt Laguna  Wooded Hill – June, 2023

Score-O Balboa Park, April, 2023

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