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Mt. Laguna

June 15-16th, 2024

Enjoy two days of traditional courses on SDO's best forest map. 

Location: Mt. Laguna

Date: June 15-16th, 2024

Event Team:

Event Director: Tad Gallistel
Course Setters: Julien Ouellet (Sat), Tad Gallistel (Sun)

Sportident Timing: Stan Watson
Setup: Joyce Simeroth
Starts: Gregory Dupraw
Clinician: Chris Day
Control Pickup: Available both days
Cleanup: Matt Palumbo

Format: Traditional

Map: Wooded Hill (Mt. Laguna)

Resolution: 10,000:1

Contours: 5m

Courses: We will offer a full 7-course Classic on Sat and 3 distances on Sunday. (Which course should I choose?)


Course   Controls Length Climb

White        9           1.7 km   70 m

Yellow      10           2.6 km   120 m

Orange    12           3.7 km   180 m

Brown      11           3.4 km   160 m

Green      14           4.8 km   220 m

Red          15           6.0 km   295 m

Blue          17          8.0 km   365 m


Short         9             2.8 km

Medium    11           5.0 km

Long         13            7.7 km

Course Notes: Here

Starts: Individual starts will be available from 10:00am to 11:00am on both days. 

Time Limits: Time limit on all courses is 3 hours. All competitors must complete the course or download (if incomplete) by 2:00pm. 

Scoring: Electronic punching will be offered. All participants must bring, rent, or purchase one.

Epunches: Rental electronic punches will be available for $5. You can purchase a discounted epunch as part of your registration. 

Clinics:  Introductory clinics will be offered at 9:45am on both days

Mapwalk:  Go for a walking discussion of orienteering tips and techniques, 2:30 Saturday afternoon, great for beginners looking to learn a bit more. No reservation needed.

Bonfire: Come join us for some smores around the fire at dusk on Saturday.


Registration: Registration for Mt. Laguna is now closed.

Camping: Access to SDO's group camp on Saturday night will be available for $10 per vehicle.

Current Registrations: Here


HQ: Event HQ will be at the Wooded Hill Group Camp

Coordinates: 32.85145496602668, -116.43309568822963

Parking: Parking in the National Forest requires a $5 Adventure Pass

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SDO is 100% volunteer driven. Please help ensure frequent events by volunteering at this event! 

  • All volunteers will receive a coupon usable for free entry at this (or another) local event.

  • Most volunteer roles allow you to participate in the day's competition and require no advanced knowledge of the sport.  

  • Please check out details on each volunteer role to find the right one for you.

  • Volunteer roles are not available after registration closes. 


Thanks for submitting!

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